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COVID-19 Precautions

We care about your safety!

Masks are optional.

Please do what makes you most

comfortable and we will too!


9/23/21 UPDATE: El Paso County has removed all restrictions for the majority of businesses to include Yoga Studios. Reservations are still encouraged and appreciated.


1/1/2021 UPDATE: El Paso county will go back to level orange on January 4th, which means we will be back to 7 in-studio practitioners and we can allow walk-ins! Reservations are still encouraged.  Yay!!


11/27/2020 UPDATE: Many of you may already be aware that El Paso County went to COVID-19 Level Red on Friday, Nov 27th at 5:00 pm.  This brought some new restrictions for Yoga Bliss.  This change means that we can have only 4 in-studio practitioners. Reservations will also be required (no drop-in students per mandate).  Once you register, please confirm that you receive an email/text confirmation that you are registered. If you don't receive a confirmation within 10 minutes please call or email to confirm.  If you find you need to cancel, please do so ASAP (30 minutes prior to class if possible) to allow someone else to take the spot. If you do not cancel you will be charged a class from you current package or $20.00 for the class if you are on an unlimited membership.

Of course, we will continue to offer simulcast during this time.  Because teachers need time to set up, we also request at least 30 minutes notice to allow time to accommodate everyone, in-studio and virtual.

It's true that we are in this together and we must remember this is temporary.  Our yoga practice can and will sustain us.  Keep practicing!

11/01/2020 UPDATE:  As of 11/4/2020 El Paso county is moving back to "Safer at home Level 2".  For us this means we are going to reduce our maximum class capacity by 1 person.  In anticipation we have updated the studio configuration to accommodate stricter social distancing.  All other precautions are the same as before.

07/23/2020 UPDATE: We have been aware that some gyms and studios have opted to not wear masks during workouts, once they are in a "safe" space.  We reached out to the El Paso County Health Department in an attempt to get clarification.  We received an answer and this our take-away.   We need to require that masks be worn at all times while in the studio, unless you are on your mat, then it is your choice to do what makes sense for you and your body.

Below is exactly what we copied and pasted from the EPCHD's letter.

“Do I need to wear a mask while exercising at an indoor gym?

Mask wearing requirements apply to everyone indoors, including people exercising. If you are in an indoor room with other patrons who are not a part of your household then you need to wear a mask. You may remove it temporarily if needed to catch your breath, or if you need to remove it to safely perform an activity, but we are recommending that they be worn as much as feasible.”


Colorado Executive Order D2020 138 effective midnight 07/16/2020 requires anyone entering the studio to wear a mask.  It also requires us to refuse service to anyone that is not using a mask to cover their mouth and nose.  While this is not optimum for practicing, we are holding space for those who feel comfortable practicing under this restriction.  Please bring and use your mask when you join us in the studio and we will do the same.  In an emergency if forget your mask, we will have one for you.

We know this is not the best of conditions and our simulcast sessions are always available (except Fusion classes).  With simulcast you can practice from the comfort of you own home without a mask.  Let's all do our part and hopefully this will change back in soon.

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