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Meet The Team

Our teachers are passionate about sharing Yoga with anyone who is open and willing.  We know from personal experience that there are countless benefits to this practice.  In life's journey there are many ways to get to the same destination, but in yoga, it is about the journey itself, the path.  At Yoga Bliss, we offer you the opportunity to find your path; to discover what resonates with who you are.  We are serious about our practice, but try not to take ourselves so seriously.  Laughter and joy is an important part of the journey.   In our studio, you will find opportunities not only for physical conditioning and mental empowerment, but also a place to breathe and connect.  Follow the path to bliss...Yoga Bliss.     


Deb H.



The idea of yoga had been in the background of my mind throughout my adulthood, but it would be 2005, before I actually stepped onto my mat. Initially, yoga was simply another form of physical activity to add to my list of movement options, or so I believed. Little did I realize just how much my life would change because of this practice and the inspirational teachers I would have the honor of meeting.

​What I love most about yoga is that it is accessible to everyone and anyone, and that "advancement" is always possible with practice, consistency and patience.  While I did not intend to teach, I nonetheless began that journey in April 2014, as I had discovered my passion.  I completed my 200 hour training in Vinyasa and another 300 hours in September 2016, both at Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs.  Since then, I also certified to teach both Yin Yoga and Buti Yoga.  While I am honored to teach and share with others, I will always consider myself a student first.

In my class, one will find acceptance and gentle encouragement through a light-hearted, yet grounding practice. I believe that Yoga is about self-exploration and discovery.

I am married to my junior high sweetheart and we share 5 grown children, plus 9 grandchildren.  I have been physically active throughout my adult life and still love to run. I love to spend time in the Colorado outdoors and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.


Jean H. 



In 2014 I began my journey as a yoga teacher and have been forever changed.  An active Colorado native and retired software engineer, I love not only the movement of yoga, but all aspects of Patanjali's 8 limbs.  I have learned a great deal from all of my previous teachers and I am deeply grateful for their trust and encouragement.


What started as a way to stretch out from running and/or sitting at a desk all day quickly became a vigorous asana practice. I truly believe that everyone should be able to experience the joy and benefits of the 8 limbs of yoga.  Having fun with the physical practice is just as important to me as the the depth and importance of the more spiritual aspects of yoga. I am excited to share what I have learned with anyone who is ready to have some fun.

I completed my 200 hour training in Vinyasa in 2014 and another 300 hours in September 2016, both at Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs.  Since then, I have also certified to teach both Yin Yoga and Rocket inspired Yoga.

I love to run, hike, camp, fish and generally enjoy the great outdoors.


Briana I.

YA RYT 500

I am originally from San Antonio and have spent the better part of my life in Black Forest. I find inspiration and solace from nature, through various forms of art, hiking, and exploration.

My first yoga practice was guided by an online instructor in 2008. After experiencing awareness of breath with movement, I was intrigued and quickly began exploring various styles of yoga in public classes. In the years that followed, my practice remained public and yoga continued to serve as a precious tool to aid with physical and emotional stress. It was in the wake of birthing my son in the forest like snow white that my home practice was rekindled. The consistency of my practice was life transforming. The physical practice of yoga provided a way to explore self-love and acceptance on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This new way of relating to myself and the world provided a path towards balance.

Driven by my desire to encourage others on their paths of self-love and acceptance, I enrolled and completed the 200-hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Pranava Yoga Center under Hethyr Pletsch. I am passionate in assisting others in reconnecting with their power, body, and limitless potential.


Carol O.

RYT 200

As a life time student of the mind-body connection, I began studying 18 years ago with Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Therapy. Assisting kids and women overcome trauma and grow from their experiences through equine therapy, meditation, and expressive art therapy has been a passion. Now it leads me to more modalities of vibrational medicine like essential oils, herbs, aromatherapy, Sound Therapy and Yoga. In early 2018 I completed my training with the Vibrational Sound Association and became a certified practitioner of on and off body healing with vibrational sound therapy.


Now I have practiced over 500 hours in individual and group sessions facilitating healing with gentle vibration and subtle sounds.  It was a natural progression for me to explore yoga and discover the subtle body through the eight-limbs. In the spring of 2020 I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.  

As my personal practice expands so does my compassion and joy.  Whether practicing in the barn with my horses or in the studio with my bowls it is an ever evolving learning experience.  I will forever be a student first. I aspire to guide individuals, that want to gain strength and compassion, by nourishing themselves from the inside out.  My classes in Sound and Yoga will softly challenge you to grow in awareness as you explore your physical and spiritual growth.  Come with an open heart to be empowered and fulfilled in Self.


Marchelle E.

YA ERTY200, RYT500


Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Marchelle's fitness and yoga career have been quite the journey.  A retired NBA & NFL, cheerleader, Marchelle began her fitness career in 1992 teaching Group Exercise classes.  Soon after, she ended her Elementary School Special Education teaching career to pursue Personal Training and teaching classes full time.  Bridging Group Exercise and Yoga through a program called YogaFit, she began teaching yoga in 2007 but her yoga practice did not commence until 2011.  That is when she first practiced at Studio Bamboo Yoga (SBY) in Virginia Beach, VA and quickly fell in love with the breath, movement and spirituality of yoga.  Soon after that, she completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training under the direction of Ann Richardson at SBY.  Moving back to Colorado Springs in 2012, Marchelle hungered for more yoga practice and training and completed her 500HR Yoga Teacher Training at Pranava Yoga Center under the direction of Mike and Charlotte Matsumura.  


Marchelle's approach to yoga teaching is light-hearted and fun.  While having studied several styles of yoga, you will find that she is most connected to Vinyasa Yoga.  From Gentle Yoga to Power Yoga, you will always leave her class feeling nurtured and grounded in the breath and movement of the class.  She believes that yoga is for anybody and any body.


Marchelle is very passionate about healthy living inside and out.  When she isn't teaching Yoga, you can find her teaching cycling or coaching functional fitness classes nearby.  Outside of fitness, she is a proud mom of three beautiful, athletic children and adored wife of her retired Navy husband of more than 26 years.


Lissa L.

YA E-RYT 500


Lissa Lenz is an expert at curating multi-dimensional experiences, holding space for her students, and allowing them to connect with their own personal power on and off of the mat through the transformative power of yoga and movement. Over the past 15 years she has acquired immense training in movement, dance, anatomy, alignment, meditation, and yoga. She shares her experience working with students and teachers to apply these ancient practices to everyday life so they can show up more empowered, skillful, and engaged.


She has acquired her 500 E-RYT through Lahari and Yoga Six. Lissa brings a fun and warm energy to her yoga experiences and is passionate about sharing her offerings with her students. For more information about Lissa, visit her IG @lissalenzyoga and her website

King pigeon .jpeg

Adey A. (A-day)

YA RYT 200


What she lacks in height she makes up for in personality. As a bubbly spirit with an open heart and Adey has lots of laughter to spare. After starting her Yoga practice Adey found the profound mind, body, sprit connection in matching breath (Pranayama) to movement. That connection has spawned how Adey now lives her life flowing to the mantra- If you can breathe through it you can get through it.


Jamie-Lynn F.

YA RYT-200

Jamie-Lynn took her first yoga class in 2007. She disliked being told to breathe so much it took her two years and a serious neck injury to lead her back to the mat. The second time around, she begrudgingly admitted it made her feel better and dove in. Developing a regular practice gradually transformed from "required body maintenance" that allowed her to continue the activities she loved into a passion of its own for intentional movement and patience with the consequences of being human. In 2016 she moved across the country, began exploring new studios in Colorado Springs and (after an accidental hour-long
conversation about anatomy with Jennifer Lambert), joined the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Mountain Shadows. In addition to teaching yoga, she's a facilitated stretching specialist and dance teacher.  In all areas of her practice, she seeks to help people feel safer in, more comfortable with, and better integrated between their brains and bodies. She loves bringing her knowledge of anatomy, injury, movement, and recovery onto the mat to meet her students where they are and offer accessible variations as well as creative challenges. Turns out, she's STILL learning how to breathe and would love to help you remember to too.


Gina T.

YA E-RYT-200/RYT-500

Gina Thorne is a 200hr RYT who found yoga and yoga teacher training on her path to recovery from substance abuse.  Yoga is the glue that helps her draw not only her mind, body and spirit together but also allows her to stay active in a variety of outdoor adventures. Any time she is feeling off balance, some time on the mat is typically the solution.  As a person in long-term recovery and veteran of the Air Force, she has taught yoga to people in recovery, veterans and their family members/supporters and even prisoners transitioning back to civilian life.  She has completed extensive training in yoga for addiction, mood balancing and mindful resilience, and, most recently has completed training in adaptive yoga with Matt Sanford.  One of her main goals in becoming a teacher was to be a part of and help build a community around what she loves.  She is comfortable working with any student to ensure their time in class is meaningful for them. Past students have noted her calm and accepting presence.  In her free time, she spends a great deal of time outside rock climbing, canyoneering, hiking and running.

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Chris P.


Chris was introduced to yoga as an off-season, cross-training exercise with his collegiate hockey and lacrosse team.  As someone who loved to stretch after every workout, he did not appreciate that his teammates never took it seriously.  He went back to the studio without them to learn more and made yoga a part of his daily routine.  His yoga practice began purely as a physical exercise, never exploring the mental aspect and never knowing it even existed.  After graduating and moving to Boston, Chris broadened his yoga experience after studying under the Boston Yoga School’s (BYS) diverse list of teachers.  He latched onto the slower practices such as Yin and Restorative yoga, finding a deeper appreciation for self-care and mindfulness.  Chris became a 200-hour RYT with BYS in 2015 and since then has come to understand the much deeper connection between the mind and body. 


For yin classes, you will see how Chris highlights the importance of creating a “less is more” atmosphere.  The agenda is to move into passive, but intense, floor-based poses while pushing yourself to your boundary of your natural range of motion.  You will learn to quiet your mind and connect deeper with your body in order to completely reset for your next challenge.


For vinyasa classes, you will be provided with a basic outline for your own practice.  The goal is to create an atmosphere where you can take ownership of your movements and how far you want to push yourself.  In a different way, you will learn to quiet your mind and connect deeper with your body and its movements. 

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Jenna Yoga Pic.jpg

Jenna H.

YA RYT-500

I first got into yoga when I was 15 years old. Then, my intent for practicing yoga asana was to grow my self confidence without having to please others around me or become consumed by social status. My interest expanded into the philosophy of yoga and meditation. I became very interested in the desire of people of all cultures to understand the nature of human existence and how to cope with suffering that comes with life. I found that yoga and mindfulness practices contained intelligent tools that can help one build resilience to be able to move through life with more ease and to better understand one's true nature. My curiosity inspired me to complete my 200HR teacher training under the Namah Shivaya School of Yoga and 300HR with the Dallas Yoga Center.


Additionally, on the journey to obtaining my degree in neuroscience, I took a deep dive into the neuroscience of trauma. This was a topic that really stuck out to me because the research covering the topic was still in its infancy stages. I had a strong desire to learn more about trauma and its connection to yoga. Because of this, I joined the Prison Yoga Project as a student and I have learned how to more consciously approach a yoga classroom and enhance my yoga teachers toolbox.


My intention to teach is to continue passing down the tools of yoga and mindfulness to those in my class in a way that is accessible and motivating. Through yoga, I hope to be a guide that can help others transform their relationship with their own minds and bodies so that they can leave their mat with more courage in their life and compassion for themselves.


Wendi H.

YA RYT-500

Wendi’s classes are a blend of movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, breath and awareness. Each class inspires students to unite body, mind and heart in the present moment, enhancing well being on and off the mat.


Wendi has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since accepting an invitation from a coworker to try a free yoga class at a local studio. She also draws inspiration from her everyday life with her daughters and enjoying time in nature, the theatre, weightlifting and archery.


Rian G.

YA RYT-500


Rian is a Holistic Health & Wellness coach, yoga teacher, massage therapist, and spiritual guide. She is passionate about guiding people towards their own unique healing abilities by tapping into their inner wisdom and self love. She specializes in leading transformational women's retreats and offers private and group coaching. Rian utilizes the ancient technologies of Kundalini yoga, various styles of movement practices, feminine form Ayurveda, Massage Therapy, Energy & Sound Healing, and the power of whole food nutrition. Allow Rian to be your guide towards self care and self love so you can live your life with more purpose, passion and pleasure.


Guest Teachers

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t Shirt2.jpeg

Ashley D.

YT 200, ND

With several decades of experience in the health and wellness field, my practice focuses on calming the stress response in the nervous system, positive psychology, and the physical and emotional benefits of yoga.

I am deeply and profoundly touched by the experience of working with each and every one of my clients and working with them to achieve a life of Pure Awareness, connection, embodiment, and balance.


Outside of yoga, I relish and savor my time in the kitchen. As my passion is serving others, the kitchen is my creative canvas in which I delight in creating tasty treats for those who are on my heart!


Cody N.

YT 200

Cody is an okay guy. He is an Air Force retiree that has redefined himself in the yoga world. Back in the day (2007) he completed a fine arts degree and has always carried compassion for the arts. He decided to become a yoga teacher because it was a great avenue to have a community, continued learning, and spiritual self-healing. 


Jackie H.

RYT 200

Yoga has been part of my life since 2012. I was immediately attracted to the physicality of it as it does require kinesthetics and recruitment of the musculature. My asana practice was irregular as I tend to find a variety of physical activities intriguing but over time, I noticed that yoga settled my body and my mind.

A few years ago, a friend had asked me, “If money was no concern, what would you do?”. My response was that I would teach yoga. That was my lightbulb moment; my moment to realize that yoga was one thing that I came back to and it became the path that I decidedly went down. As I continue to learn about yoga, the more I find myself living within its discipline. Allowing myself more grace, reminding others to do that same. I find myself releasing control, especially with things I know that I cannot.

I feel intrinsically motivated to share yoga with others, to guide them through a practice in which they may experience some profound self-realizations and connection to Self. At the very least, I can offer others an opportunity to not have to think about anything else other than moving their bodies and purposefully breathing. 

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